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Acclaro Curtainsider

Introducing the Acclaro

Our best curtainsider yet...

  • Modular Design - Reduced repair costs
  • ISO 1496-1 Certified
  • Accelerated Life Tested
  • Fully EN12642XL Rated Body
  • ZMA Corrosion Resistant Pre-Finish
  • Versatile Load Strapping Points
  • Future-Proofed Design

Our brand new for 2015 Acclaro Curtainsider is a fantastic example of the engineering excellence we strive to achieve at Cartwright. We have taken every aspect of the trailers design and scrutinised the process down the most simple of tasks.

From the design of the trailer to the build process, we are sure we have created the definitive curtainside product. We spend over 10,000 hours on research and development each year within Cartwright. This means we can be sure that when we have a new innovation to test we have the man power, and time to test and implement.

The painstaking approach taken in creating the Acclaro product was born from a realisation that that our previous processes needed improvement. Our team analysed every part of the build process and asked the question “Can we improve this?” The answer was time and time again, yes.

Certified ISO1496 load bearing floor, a revolutionary bulkhead, aerodynamic roof profile, clear-span design, and unlimited lashing points, are just some of the features included in the Acclaro. We believe we have designed the definitive option in road haulage.

Feature Focus

EN1264XL Compliance

EN1264XL tests the load restraint of the trailer and how it manages the stability when performing evasive manoeuvers.

Three tests are undertaken with a test load of 29,000 kilos. We test the front & rear bulkheads and each of the side walls. First we decelerate inducing 0.8g to test the front bulkhead, followed by a series of J turns to test the side restraints imposing 0.5g to the curtain sides. Finally we impose 0.5g by accelerating in reverse to the trucks top speed and then braking. The trailer is checked after each test to check its structure is still intact.aerodynamics.png

“To be the first UK company to pass this rigorous test with the VCA is a major achievement for all the team at Cartwright and speaks volumes about the company’s commitment to quality. At Cartwright we constantly strive for excellence in every area of our operation with quality at the very top of our agenda. It is also pleasing that as we celebrate our 60th year of manufacturing we are once again at the forefront of the industry in terms of quality.”

Peter Cartwright - Chairman


Rich Anderson

Sales & Marketing Director

Rich joined Cartwright in 2014 with over 30 years commercial vehicle & trailer sales experience. Rich is based out of our south manchester head office and plays a key part in developing new business strategies.


Steve Pollock

Technical Sales Manager

Steve has been working within the trailer industry for over 8 years developing key client relationships within the south west region.


Andy Jarvis

Technical Sales Manager

Joining in early 2012 Andy is based out of our South Manchester Head Office.


David Ashworth

Technical Sales Manager

With over 2 years Cartwright Experience and many more in the industry David knows the Cartwright Brand


Clive Dingle

Special Builds Sales Manager

Clive is our longest serving Technical Sales Manager with over 10 years experience, he specialises in the extraordinary specification trailers.

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