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The Cartwright Group and Manchester Metropolitan University - Trailer Aerodynamics

The Cartwright Group is currently participating in a partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) to develop low carbon trailers using cutting edge methods such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD).


CFD allows us to quickly improve our aerodynamic vehicle designs, try new ideas, and bring high-end motor industry technologies into trailer development without having to build new prototype trailers until we're sure there will be a benefit. We can also estimate the fuel savings we make by measuring them on the computer, and apply academic rigour to all our calculations. Aerodynamic drag is responsible for around 50% of fuel consumption during motorway haulage. Reducing this could save thousands of pounds, and dramatically reduce CO2 emissions.


Representing the MMU in this collaboration is Dr Peter Twigg, who says that "working with one of the largest trailer manufacturers in the country to provide innovative aerodynamic solutions allows our students to experience a real commercial setting and let them use the knowledge they have acquired during their studies to help Cartwright whilst also benefiting the country as a whole by reducing vehicle emissions, and in turn improving our environment."


As we further develop our work in this area we intend to publish academic papers to demonstrate what we have achieved in our partnership


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