You apprenticeship at Cartwright is the start of a long-term career opportunity where you will learn to build our products from scratch. You will learn the whole process, working in all the major manufacturing stages before you chose your area of specialisation. Our Production Managers and Supervisors will coordinate the programme and you will be supported throughout your training, working alongside skilled employees who have extensive engineering and manufacturing experience, many of whom commenced their working career as a Cartwright Apprentice. 



As an apprentice you will attend day-release college where you will receive workshop skills training to help you achieve Level 2 and 3 qualifications. This is an excellent opportunity with great long term prospects - and you will be paid a salary! You will also grow into a team environment and learn the skills of communication and business life through day-to-day practical experience combined with college workshop skills training. 

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Cartwright Group Mark Cartwright Managing Director


“We are passionate about our apprenticeship scheme. We currently have 160 apprentices within the operation each of whom have become an integral part of our organisation and are making a valuable contribution to the manufacturing process.”

Mark Cartwright Managing Director

Cartwright Group Josh Redfern-Year 4 Apprentice: Winner of the 2017 Apprentice of the Year Made in Manchester Awards.

Year 4 Apprentice

Winner of the 2017 Apprentice of the Year Made in Manchester Awards.

“My time as an apprentice and lately in the Design Team has been a great confidence builder. It’s not just a job, it’s my career. Every step seems to lead to the next one, I love the challenge. My goal is to be a Chartered Engineer and eventually become a Cartwright Director, which means a Masters and Cartwright have committed their support and sponsorship to enable me to do this. Joining the Cartwright apprenticeship scheme is the best thing I have done and to achieve recognition for my achievements to date is just brilliant” 

Cartwright Group Apprenticeships

Year 5 Apprentice

The first to join the award-winning scheme at the Cartwright Conversions facility in Doncaster.

“The job I do is excellent, Cartwright is such a big company so there is always something different to do, and something new to learn – from repairing to designing. I had been nervous at first as a female coming into an engineering environment. And it was hard until I could get to grips with it and find my way around the company and processes. But from day one everyone here has been very supportive. The working day goes by very quickly as it is always busy and I’m always learning. I don’t think there is any part of the job so far I haven’t enjoyed."

Cartwright Group 2015 Apprentice of the Year

Year 2 Apprentice

Winner of the 2015 Apprentice of the Year, after joining in 2014 to follow in his father's footsteps.

"I was surprised by how much I have enjoyed it. I learn something new every day and I can already see the opportunities which lay ahead. I now want to build my engineering skills and work my way up. The skills I have developed since I first started my apprenticeship means I can turn my hand to anything. It is certainly something I want to do for the long term and the assistance I have received from my mentors has been invaluable.”


"I started with Cartwright as an apprentice more than 30 years ago, today I am the Workshop Manager and my son has followed in my footsteps and is a Year 2 Apprentice.”

Tony Tutty Workshop Manager

“Technician Apprentice to Procurement Manager has been an interesting and rewarding development for me. You show willing and put the effort in and you will be noticed.”

Luke Robson Procurement Manager

“It is certainly something I want to do for the long term and the assistance I have received from my mentors has been invaluable.” 

Thomas Tutty Apprentice