Box Van Trailer Longer Semi Trailer

Available in both 14.6m and 15.65m versions the Longer Semi Trailer is fast becoming one of our more popular trailers. With the added possibility of increasing the number of pallets by up to 8 per full load, and reducing companies’ carbon footprints, LSTs are getting increasingly more common on our roads.

Feature Focus Gradual Slope Roof

The trailer is designed with a gradual slope to match a tractor with aerofoil fitted. Annual fuel savings of at least 10% over a standard straight trailer. This design is ideal for operators who do not require the load space over the fifth wheel area.

Product Options

Tool Box

Other options available

Spare Wheel Carrier

All brands and types available


Wide lath, aluminium C4 and Insulated options


All brands and types available

Compression Buffer

Half and full width options available


Three-rung, platform and bakers style available

Load Restraint

All brands and types available


Bulkhead and side skirt options


Aerodynamic roof profile

Interior Lighting

All brands and types available

Sliding Nose Box

Sliding and ground level options

Rear Crash Nets

All brands and types available

These are just a few of the hundreds of options available

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