Demount System ClearLift & StraightLift

We have been manufacturing the ClearLift & StraightLift system for over 30 years. We believe that the ClearLift system has many operational benefits over other systems available on the market. We can also provide a full interchange with existing systems.

Fast and easy operation

The Cartwright ClearLift body is quickly and easily mounted or demounted from the chassis in one safe level movement

Payload stays level

The Cartwright ClearLift body is not subject to tipping or tilting during the mount or demount, thus preserving the integrity of the payload

Safety in operation

All operations are carried out with the chassis under the static body or completely withdrawn, avoiding a partially supported body

Stability in operation

No strain is placed on the legs underneath the body as self centering pans to the underside of the body give greater latitude during operation

Whole life costs

The ClearLift system avoids friction and wear and tear, resulting in reduced component damage and less downtime

Air suspension

Raise and lower the ClearLift system using either the truck chassis suspension or hydraulics, allowing for the legs to be moved without any additional equipment


Increased driver productivity.

Product Options

Cartwright Group demount system tail-lift
Cartwright Group demount system ISO Twist-locks All brands and types available
Cartwright Group demount system Self centering pans Increased stability
Cartwright Group Demount System Draw-bar coupling
Cartwright Group Demount Systems Steps: three rung and platform available
Cartwright Group Demount Systems Load Restraint

These are just a few of the hundreds of options available