Loading Platforms


A mobile dock-lift designed to help you load and unload any rigids, trailers, double-decks or containers safely and efficiently, when loading docks or tail-lifts are unavailable. And it can even load and unload itself.

Load pallets, roll-cages and more by powering the platform up and down

Large swivel castors for highly manoeuvrable operation

Each wheel has its own manual foot brake with integral foot-guards

Heavy-duty balanced hydraulics ensure superior performance

Large fail-safe patented stabilising feet automatically engage

High quality insulated bodywork


Loading and unloading loose products, such as furniture and bedding, has always been problematic. In some cases, damage to the load itself can occur, since workers sometimes climb on loads to reach awkward heights. Responsible operators now must not only consider the health and safety implications, but also the overall efficiency of their loading techniques. With the internal CubeLift you can now load and unload inside maximum cube rigids and trailers- both safely and efficiently.

Patented Cubelift

Uses all of the tried and tested technology of traditional tail-lifts, but inside the vehicle

Precise positioning

Gliding along the whole vehicle length on a permanently fixed rail, CubeLift allows you to precisely position the full-width load platform wherever you want, even on step frame trailers

Easy fitting

Simply swing it down on its balance sprung pivot, position it and then lock it in to place

On board controls

The driver or one or two operators, plus the load itself, can be powered up and down using the on board controls

Increased safety

The platform footprint and load-rating can be tailored to fit any operation, providing a safe level work space from which to handle the most difficult loose loads. At the end of the load sequence, the CubeLift can be loaded and raised up out of the way.

Double Deck RollerLift

Designed specifically for loading and unloading double decks trailers safely and efficiently, when unloading larger items a tail lift is not suitable for. The Mega Roller-Lift can be customised to suit your operation.

Increased safety

Provides a safe working environment for the transfer of loads to and from the trailer. The enclosure provides shelter for the operator and the product and can remove many more cages and pallets than a conventional tail-lift, making the process quicker and safer

Driver assistance

Docking buffer with audible distance sensors help ensure driver does not collide with the lift when reversing up to it

Whole lift costs

Potentially eliminate the need for tail-lifts on double deck trailers. The substantial cost savings on outlay for current and future vehicles

Custom builds

Can be designed and built to suit your operation

Standard Features

Cartwright Group Loading Platform Ramps
Cartwright Group Loading Platform Wander Lead
Cartwright Group Loading Platform Flashing Beacon
Cartwright Group Loading Platform Safety Guards
Cartwright Group Loading Platform Braked Swivel Castors: Four individually braked swivel castors, with integral foot guards
Cartwright Group Loading Platform Key operated isolation switch