Temperature Controlled Double Deck

We have been manufacturing Refrigerated Double Deck Box Van trailers since 1988. Since then we have seen demand grow for all types of moving deck or fixed deck double deck trailer. The design and manufacture of these trailers is enhanced and improved upon each year. The end result is delivering real financial savings to operators as well as significant benefits for the environment.

Investment in a Refrigerated Double-Deck trailer has many advantages; it can carry up to double your load to the same destination, reducing fleet running costs.

Feature Focus

Since the construction of our in-house refrigeration technology plant, we have answered the customer demand for reduced fuel consumption through our unique lightweight panel construction. We are constantly assessing and developing our processes to meet the needs of the transport operator and deliver a more cost-effective product.

Cartwright offer a variety of configurations depending on your load requirements with options for single, double and tri-temperature storage.

Product Options

Deck Controls

Wander-lead, rear pillar & deck side options


Other options available 

Compression Buffer

Half and full width options 

Hydraulic Moving Deck

Three quarter and full length options

Load Restraint

Recessed and surface mounted options

Sliding Nose Box

Sliding and ground level options 

Air Ducting

PVC curtain and aluminium options

Rear Closure

Insulated shutter and double door options

Temperature Monitoring

Other options available 

Roof Scoop

50mm and 80mm deep options 

Moving Bulkheads

Other options available 

Aluminium Flooring

low noise option

These are just a few of the hundreds of options available

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