Temperature Controlled Rigid

Our Temperature Controlled Rigid Bodies are built to meet your exact requirements, whether it is a multi-drop delivery vehicle, home delivery vehicle or a drawbar and trailer body. All sizes from 3.5 tonne to 26 tonne rigid refrigerated vehicles are built at our manufacturing facility. All body panels are manufactured in house. We also provide fridge installation and final finish.

Our insulated bodywork can be used to carry a variety of different produce, fresh and frozen, food, and flowers. Contact us with your requirements.

Feature Focus Dual Temperature

We understand that sometimes not everything needs to be delivered in a chilled environment and visa versa. With this in mind we have developed an innovative system to allow a dual temperature environment.

Separated by a movable interior wall that allows the dual temperature compartments to be sized according to your needs on that journey.

Product Options


clear strip curtains on a fixed track


Insulated partitions to suit your operation 

Moving Bulkheads

Other options available 

Aluminium Flooring

low noise option 


All brands and types available 

Temperature Controller

Other options available 

Cold Safe Shutter

Other options available 

Recessed Load Lock

Other options available 

Compression Buffer

All brands and types available


Insulated double doors with stainless door gear 

Side Doors

Shutter, double and single door options 


Three rung, platform and bakers style available

These are just a few of the hundreds of options available

Have a unique specification you want to discuss? Speak to one of our dedicated technical sales advisors today.

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