Worldwide Export.

The United Kingdom is long-established as a hallmark of superior build quality for commercial trailers and leading the way in pioneering innovation. Cartwright have been proud to be at the forefront of this for over 65 years, improving usability and reducing operating costs by continual investment in our products. Innovation is in our DNA and we are proud to offer the widest selection of trailers of any manufacturer in the UK.

In recent years we have exported our trailers and vehicles throughout Europe, the Middle East, South America and recently launched Cartwright Group Australia PTY Ltd.

Wherever you are in the world, Cartwright Group has the expertise to adapt our range to meet the necessary requirements.

Mainland Europe.

The Cartwright Group can offer all our trailers to operate in mainland Europe to cater for 4m height restrictions and we have taken many of our tried and tested designs back to the drawing board to achieve this for use on the continent. Aerodynamics have been an important consideration for operators in the UK for some years and Cartwright has invested heavily in designing and building trailers with class-leading aerodynamic features that when combined, can offer operators up to 12% fuel reduction in comparison to standard trailers. In addition to standard trailer designs, we pride ourselves in being able to offer bespoke trailer build to meet your exacting specifications.

Trailers Built for Australia.

Trailers Built for Australia

Cartwright Group Australia PTY Ltd provides Cartwright trailers throughout Australia. We are proud to introduce a range of pioneering trailer and commercial vehicles based on the evolving needs of the Australian transport operator.

Through constantly assessing and developing our designs, we have worked to deliver a premium product with a range of features that work to reduce fleet running costs and can handle the unique Australian landscape through cutting-edge design features.

In addition to delivering an exceptional quality product as standard, we also offer a range of additional features depending on your specification and can also offer a full bespoke trailer design and build service where we can tailor a vehicle to your exact specifications.

All of our products are ADR approved and are the result of generations of development cultimating in a long-lasting, highly efficient and reliable product.

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